Rearming Hinduism – Speak for Sathya to dispel Maya

Book Review

Politically Incorrect

It is a well known fact that Hinduism in academia has long suffered misrepresentation. Most of the books written come either from a closed guild of western scholars. They also come from some ‘Hindus’ (or at least appearing so by their names) who have for reasons known to them alone chose to decry Hinduism. Reading the content often made me wonder about the long chasm between what Hinduism truly is and how it is seen or made to be seen.

Rearming Hinduism by Prof Vamsee Juluri had done a great job of highlighting that chasm and going into the reasons behind. The tone of the author resonated what I feel in my heart with greater clarity and apt expressions. The flow of the message, the structure, the anecdotes, references, inherent emotions and everything together can make the reader completely unconscious of when she/he is turning a page.

Rearming Hinduism

The author Prof…

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