From the admired authors

Abhaya allows us to delve into the world of our ancestors and Gods through the route of great storytelling and a brilliant narrative. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

-Amish Tripathi, Author of Shiva Trilogy

Years from now, when academia opens up enough to take Indian writing and popular culture seriously on their own terms, Abhaya will surely be studied as one of the finest examples in the civilizational rediscovery genre

-Prof Vamsee Juluri Author of Rearming Hinduism. Full review here.

An excitingly different take on one of the myriad legends celebrating the light vs. darkness matrix that defines Diwali. The sparkling narration adds new facets to the compelling tale of the killing of the demon, Narakasur

– Sangeeta Bahadur, Author of Kaal Trilogy

Have to say it’s lovely the way the author has utilized the not so well known Narkasur episode to redefine Krishna and in doing so has also given us a new heroine to root for! The connection between Krishna and Yogmaya is beautifully worded and I wish it had been explored even more nevertheless their exchange towards the end is heartening. Loved the book for its novel way of approaching history and politics of a byegone age in a brilliant way.

– Dr.Vineet Aggarwal, Author of Vishvamitra and Parashurama

Abhaya looks deep into blacks and whites to bring out the greys in her journey to Krishna – and herself. Layer by layer, the plot unfolds conflicting philosophies that mould complex characters into an action-packed climax. Above all, ‘s Abhaya shows infinite colours of ancient India sewn together with ideas and characters into a single narrative.

– Gautam Chikermane (On Twitter), Author of Tunnel of Varanavat 

From the readers and reviewers…

A Narrative Weaved Through Itihasas And Puranas  – Jijith N Ravi on Swarajya Magazine

‘ABHAYA’: ADVENTURE IN FEMINISM AND DHARMA – Jay Jina on Creative India Magazine

While reading this story I felt a gamut of emotions. I found it hard to put down the book. –

Set in the era of Mahabharata and based on an ancient story (killing of Narkasura), the book takes you on a thrilling journey filled with adventure, romance and anticipation. – Pankaj Goyal

Author has successfully covered many hit points in one small book, where other authors struggle with multiple sequences. If you would like to read a good book on woman character this is a perfect pick for you. – Vishnu Chevli

The narration is fluent, articulate, learned, idiomatic, impassioned and informative –

One of the biggest strengths of the novel is the simple, but engaging narrative, with powerful dialogues…..

It is a brilliant retelling with amazing plot points and the best part is that it has amazing heroines who don’t bow down to patriarchy – Books and Strips

..for those who seek to find intelligent and sensible storytelling with three-dimensional characters that ask questions of us, Abhaya has a lot to offer.

The book is not speaking about the past alone; the author intelligently claims that her brain is set in 2000 BC. No, she is pretty much talking about things happening around us. – KV Subrahmanyam –

The narration has a good flow, and the dialogues make a powerful impact onto a reader. – Aniruddha Patha on Literamuse

Each character that you meet here, however, is carefully crafted to showcase the ageless clash of conviction and fear –

Saiswaroopa Iyer uses the tools of history to paint – in my opinion – a very accurate caricature of modern Indian society –

From a Rasika’s perspective, the characters in the book and the situations cover all nine Rasas –


With Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay 

With Writer and columnist Sindhuja Ramasubramanian


With Aniruddha Pathak of Literamuse