Namaste and Welcome

Mauri, my third work of fiction is set to release on 9th of June 2018. Mauri is the second book of Abhaya collection an explores the story of the daughter of Mura in her quest for revenge against Krishna Vaasudeva and her encounters with Ghatotkacha.

The Sample chapters of both the books, Abhaya and Mauri can be downloaded from here.

My second novel “Avishi – Vishpala of Rigveda Reimagined” is now live on Kindle Store! At this point of time last year, I was grappling with the 10K word milestone in the novel. Today, the book is live on Kindle store. Howzzat to believe? It just feels surreal. Shall blog more about my journey of writing the novel.  But I want to share with you that Avishi has entered #PentoPublish contest conducted by Amazon (Amazon KDP to be specific). Please support my entry by buying the Kindle edition or by downloading for free on #KindleUnlimited.

My debut work of Puranic fiction, Abhaya is now available in print!

After heartening reviews on the Kindle edition, I was enthused to explore the print avenues. Do check it out and let me know what you think about it. Don’t forget to check the reviews from some awesome readers.

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