Writer Tools and Resource recommendations – Mockups and Adazing

Come November, there is a lot of excitement. It is #NaNoWriMo! It is the birth month of Kindle Direct Publishing. Coincidentally, it is the month where I plunged into the life of an author. Right! My first literary baby Abhaya shall celebrate her third birthday. To top it all, we were blessed with a gorgeous baby girl! Three years into author’s life and one year into motherhood feels like a lot of distance travelled. The joys and intrigues of motherhood aside, my #authorlife had no less excitement. Soon after the euphoria of publishing a new book, lay the challenge of marketing it. The task of continuously having to talk about it without sounding like a sleazy salesman was enough to give me a month long writers block!

It is during these phases that some tools and technologies made my life a tad easier.

Book Mock ups

Attaching the same old book cover every single time I made a social media post seemed boring to me and that in turn affected my frequency of posting it. I realised the importance of mockups, that is presenting your book against different backgrounds and formats, that ‘added a zing’ to the post!

You can see for yourself, the header picture of my site, a wonderful mockup of my third novel Mauri. There are many more that can be used in different posts and contexts! The job of marketing began to get a tad more interesting! Because I discovered Adazing.com


Do visit the site for yourself and check out the whole basket of their offerings! 

It was with some hesitation that I spent that amount to buy a set of mockups for Mauri.

Something like this!


And like this


And the image I used to create a banner like this

FB header (1)

The ready pictures were mailed to me by team Adazing and the work on my part was to just pay and post!

Check out the book images product here

28 images for $12.75 does not sound like a bad idea at all. Instead of spending clueless hours that roll into days and weeks of being unproductive, spending a couple of dollars and being done with the nagging social posts sounds really wise!

Encouraged by the utility of the product, I was compelled to check out their other products too! Bought their course material on Author blog machine. 

I can’t recommend Adazing enough.   Go on, try one of their free offerings and take it from there.

Happy Marketing

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