Book Review : Raven Song (Inoki’s Game) by IA Ashcroft

Being new to this genre of Urban dystopian fantasy, I found the story line of Ravensong, Book 1 of Inoki’s game quite interesting. Starting off with the adventures of Jackson, an adopted son of a rich businessman who also faces his internal demons, hallucinations and above all, a gift that he struggles to control. The plot thickens with him getting involved with the ‘Coalition’ for a smuggling task and things unravel with characters showing new shades. Anna, another gifted woman whose past is also a mystery enters into Jackson’s life and here is where I guess I should stop to not give out any spoilers.

I liked the characters and the author has taken care to include all flavours of emotions. (Much needed in the background of a post apocalyptic dark world!). I personally would have loved a bit more drama at places, especially in the scenes involving Frank, Anna and Jackson.

The world that the story is set in has dark entities which add to the mystery. The Coalition that wants to smuggle under its own local bodies, the mysterious order of magic do intrigue the reader. While the story has enough twists and turns to keep the reader hooked, a lot of detail is left unexplained. While it is highly advisable to not resort to explaining everything in a mystery, the first one-third requires the reader to do a bit of groping in the dark about who wants what and who is behind who. (I don’t know if it is just me as I am new to this genre). It looked like the author spent time in familiarising the readers with the characters over the various forces of this world. Not complaining, but it felt unusual. But readers like me would definitely appreciate the tautness in the latter chapters.
Urban fantasy lovers who like layered multi dimensional plotlines would surely like the author’s page turning writing style. I would surely want to know what happens in the second book of the series titled Eclipse of the Sun.
This review is a part of blog tour conducted by Author Assistant. A soft copy of this book was shared with me for an honest review. Interested readers could buy a copy from Amazon.

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