Self Publishing at a glance

Thanks to the bubbly Richa Singh and her initiative #Blogchatter  which prodded me to write this post. I am to talk about Self Publishing in #Blogchatter’s Tweet-chat on Self Publishing tonight (8.30 PM IST).

On the process to be followed for Self-publishing our content, it is important to consider the process that traditional publishing houses follow. As much as some Self-published writers scorn their closeted tendencies, there is no denying that these traditional publishing houses have perfected the process of fine honing a manuscript and put a wonderful team together to package it as a great book.

For a better idea of the Publishing process, refer to this wonderful infographic  created by Floris Books. Now, it might look like a daunting process to take care of the multiple decision loops when we embark on a Self-Publishing journey. The good news about Self-publishing is that you, the creator of the content/manuscript make all the decisions. Only if you have your wits together while taking every leap. I gathered my insights and came up with this process chart which I hope would be helpful.Self Publishing process.png

Will try and update this post after tonight’s chat. I shall also keep modifying and be appending the chart and also look at publishing a post gathering various explanatory resources and blogs out there. Meanwhile, do send me your thoughts on where I can add or explain more.

8 thoughts on “Self Publishing at a glance

  1. Hi, considering that Pothi etc price the book as per page numbers, what is the best way to format a book in terms of font size, font type, margins, line spacing & paragraph spacing.
    I don’t know if that also translates onto Kindle format, but it does matter for paperback.

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