Creators of Telugu Epic Literature – Bammera Pothana

History Under Your Feet

భాగవతము దెలిసి పలుకుట చిత్రంబు,
శూలికైనఁ దమ్మిచూలికైన,
విబుధజనుల వలన విన్నంత కన్నంత
దెలియ వచ్చినంత దేటపఱతు.

Reciting the Bhagavatam, being fully conscious of its intricacies is very tricky job to even the one who carries the (Tri) Shula (Lord Shiva) and also the one born out of lotus (Lord Brahma). I shall henceforth elucidate only what I could gather from listening to those knowledgeable people, (to the extent I could delve deep inside it, and to the extent I understood


I would need to give a similar disclaimer as I write this post to describe the poetical genius of Pothanamatya, the creator of Andhra Maha Bhagavatam. A single post can indeed do no justice in writing about the poet or his poetry. This version of Bhagavatam can highlight a lot of notable aspects about the poet.

It has been accepted that Pothana lived in the 14th/15th Centuries. He was a…

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